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Lyly cream

We just love ice cream!

Creative & Local, we are a passionate handmade Ice cream & Sorbet factory based in Phnom Penh. At Lyly Cream, we apply extra care in our selection of ingredients as well as in the production process to ensure the highest quality, taste diversity and extraordinary experience.


Crafted with love


Creamy, crispy, tasty and yummy but also flavorful and & fabulous! We guarantee 100% natural products thanks to a careful selection of ingredient from local markets and abroad. We create delicious and flavored ice-creams& sorbets. Everything is made in house! Without food preservative, artificial flavors or coloring, we leave nothing to chance. To please all palates, we also have a range of organic and/or lactose free recipes.

Flavorful & Delicious


Italian Basil & Strawberry, Lime & Pepper, Jasmin Flower, Caramel & Cashew nut, WAT Chocolate Cookie Dough, Bounty, Pop corn & Mondulkiri Honey,… We are constantly creating new exciting and exquisite flavors. The Kingdom of Wonder is offering so much exotic fruits, flowers, condiments, and unique aromas; it’s the perfect playground for our artisan makers constantly seeking new flavored ice-creams! Keen passionate, we also create and produce customized recipes/ orders upon request. What is the ice cream flavor you’ve always dreamed of? Time to tell us because we can probably make this dream come true!

Partner in (ice) cr[ea]m

We love to work with local artisan baker and pastry maker to create unique and tasty crunchy cones, scoops, cookies, waffles bowls, biscuits, brownies and more! When it comes to sweet treats and ice creams, our imagination is our only limit!

Passionate artisan ice cream maker

Lyly Cream story started back in 2016 with a Western-Asian couple passionate about ice-cream. They were just amazed about all the possibilities that the Kingdom of Wonders had to offer in terms or fruits and spices - the perfect combination to create natural and original ice cream flavours for the best experience! With a endless creativity, Lyly is the very talented and passionate person behind all the magic happening today. Bright and convivial, her enthusiasm for ice cream is as contagious as her smile and energy! French-Khmer, she takes her inspiration out of both cultures to elaborate an intriguing and delightful range of exquisite ice creams & sorbets. Joined by a team of Western & Asian know-how and skills sharing their passion for quality homemade ice cream, they are highly engaged and motivated to create the best ice cream experience. This creative team invested in the latest technologies and equipment to enhance all the recipes and satisfy all customers. Effective, they constantly strive to ensure food safety through hygiene rules and outmost respect of the cold chain to deliver the best quality.

Welcome to our world!

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