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Creamy luscious

Fresh n' Tasty!

Creamy, crispy, tasty, and yummy but also flavorous and fabulous, our ice-creams are made 100% with natural ingredients. Without preservatives, artificial flavors or colouring, we leave nothing to chance. In order to fulfil your expectations, we even have a range of dairy free exquisite recipes! Keen (passionate), we also create and produce customized recipes/orders on request.

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Crafted with love

Freshly made

Who could make better ice-cream than a team of ice-cream lovers? Lyly Cream’s team is a subtle combination of Western & Asian know-how & skills, sharing their passion for quality homemade ice cream!

Our passionate ice cream maker is constantly creating delightful combinations with the best ingredients for the best experience!



we deliver

Find your perfect match

It's ice cream time!

Craving for ice-cream? No problem!

Our range of ice-creams and sorbets are available in many places in the Kingdom. Check out our map and find the closest place near you! They can be shared with your loved ones or come in individual size for a little treat just for you! We can also be here for your special events with our magic cart to turn your moment into an unforgettable memory!

It’s time to try ! Feel free to contact us!


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